Beat The Casinos…… The LPRSystem  …... It’s Fun To Win!

Here is the original, in my hand writing, last page of the initial LPRSystem research.

Yes, before the days of desktop PCs.

I didn’t want to do the research in a computer, anyway.

We don’t play against a computer in the casino.. I didn’t run the tests against a computer, either.


Down at the bottom we find the most important figures….

A the end of the first 25,000 plays .. We find that the LPRSystem is 1114.5 bets above where it should be… With a $5 betting unit.. That is equal to  $5,572.50 above the non-system player…

On the Pass line, a 1.414% disadvantage, the average bettor would be DOWN 353.54 bets or a loss of $1767.70…

Which position would you rather be in…. Minus… -$1,768 … or   $5,572 above that..?