I’ve been playing the earliest version of Larry’s system for over fifteen .years. Now I am over 80 years young and still enjoy going to Atlantic City, playing a little Roulette, eating my FREE Buffet… and coming home with a few bucks in my pocket.

I still can’t let my bet go more that five wins in a row!  He gets really frustrated when he watches me ‘chicken out’!….  But, we still have fun at the Casinos!

                                                      Joe Russell… ( My Dad!)

                                                                              Yes, I taught this system to my family. It does win!.

Beat The Casinos…… The LPRSystem  …... It’s Fun To Win!

What the players say!


                   NO...NO...NO!  I will not wave checks to promote the LPRsystem…. It is proven to beat the casinos… It’s easy to learn and play…. And, I tell no one how much I win in the casinos... 

You set your own goals for winning!!!


Now, travel to the order page… It will be the best casino trip you ever made!!!

I thought gambling systems were too hard to learn till now. This was easy! My work takes me to casino towns all over the world. Modeling and Public appearances are still my career, but winning in the casino is a great hobby!

                                                  If I can do this… Anybody can!

                                                                                                        F. Fontane.  Model, Spokesperson.

Larry with Steve Fox

in Las Vegas

I’ve known Larry Russell for over 20  years. There is no one I have ever met that has a better grasp of how casino games work. He has developed unique methods of teaching casual players the best ways to play. His book. “It’s Fun To Win” gets my vote as the #1 primer for casino players of all levels.

                         S. Fox. Consultant to casino industry in CO, FL, NJ, CA.                              Author of video series “Poker From A-Z”.

We need to know what you say. That is the type of feedback we are trying to get from this Evaluation Edition special. The people below are ones I have personally taught. But, we need to know how easy the LPRSystem is to learn and to play when players teach themselves from the manual. 

That’s why this special Evaluation Edition. Tell us about the ‘typos’ or anything else.