Beat The Casinos…… The LPRSystem …….. It’s Fun To Win!

      Hi, Players!

      I have had the excitement of wearing many hats while being in the gaming industry for over twenty years... Casino pit boss and manager, dealer trainer, professional Blackjack player, consultant, author and primary speaker at gaming seminars presented to the public. 

     The seminars are one of the most fun for me because I love to teach. But, also, they were the catalyst for the development of the LPRSystem.

     We tried to develop a way for these players to not only learn the best bets, but to have a solid plan and at least break even.

     It did a lot more that break even! After the first test against actual plays at the table, the “System” produced wins in excess of $5,000 higher than where the average $5 bettor would be.  Immediately after that test, I played the System in Las Vegas for the first time. In less than 5 hours it won $640 starting with a $5 bet. And has been winning ever since. 

     Also, I want all players to have the chance to be successful. So there is no inflated, ridiculously expensive price tag on my system.  The strategies are easy to learn. There is no need for extensive training or classroom sessions. You can do the fun training exercises at home and be ready to attack the casinos after as little as a few days.

    How much can we win? No estimates of how much we can win. No check waving!!! I have never liked that tactic. Every player has different goals. I play very aggressively. Another player may want to have more fun and pay for their trip with the winnings. That’s up to you!

     (Plus, I don’t want anyone knowing how much I win!)

    Why sell these secrets?  Why not! We won’t get barred for playing. Why not share with as many players who want to be successful in the casinos. I still play whenever I want!

        Thanks for your interest in my system. Have fun! Learn a lot. And, get ready for a really exciting adventure in the casinos!        

Good Luck!  Play Well!

Larry Russell, the creator of the LPRSystem, was trying to find a solid plan for the non-professional player... The players that want to enjoy their trip to the casino. Not  work during it!

A funny thing happened while Larry was trying to develop that easy system for recreational player’s to use to break even... The system not only broke even... It showed a sizeable profit!


Now that’s exciting!


The game of betting has been challenged!