What is the secret?

Most systems try to bet a specific game like Craps or Roulette. We are interested in beating the game of “Betting”.

    This revolutionary concept in casino play is based on the effects of probability and standard deviation. Upswings and downswings from the average act like a stretching elastic band. The farther from the norm they stretch, the more the swings want to come back to the average. Think about a coin flip. The flips don’t always go heads-tails-heads-tails. Sometimes a whole lot more heads will come up than tails. The elastic is stretching. But everyone knows that, in the end, heads and tails must come out just about even.

    With the LPRSystem, we recognize the times when the elastic band stretches too far and take advantage of the situation!

This is the situation

Where the LPRSystem really zings.

There has been a downward trend. The elastic is straining. We get ready for some real excitement because we now know how to minimize our losses on the downswing and maximize our winning power on the way back up towards even!



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Plus, there is so much more...Including how to avoid the worst traps the casinos have set for us. Here is the information every casino player, beginner to life-long veteran, should know.



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